World of Aurora

A collaborative online fantasy roleplaying site.

About World of Aurora

In World of Aurora, the game never ends. There are no seasons or deadlines to join by. New players are always welcome. Create a character (or ten), as simple or as detailed as you like, and interact with other players.

Unlike an MMO, there are no pixelated, computer generated monsters to slay. Sessions are run like old school tabletop sessions, complete with character sheets and stats. Experienced players called Game Masters volunteer to run sessions, pitting players against everything from orcs to world destroying liches. Between sessions, characters have lives. They can hang out in taverns, run businesses, get married, research the arcane, and anything else a player can imagine.

The world of Aurora is ever expanding as players create it. With a dedicated wiki, new realms are always being created, guilds are started, religions grow and die, and sometimes even characters rise to such momentous, world changing challenges that they too find themselves immortalized in the lore of the realm.